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Numerous clinical and scientific studies have taken place in recent years outlining the benefits of Omega-3 EPA and DHA. Below is the list of health benefits of Omega-3 EPA and DHA:

• Lower triglycerides in the blood.

• Support healthy cholesterol in the blood.

• Reduce risk of heart disease.

• Aid in regulation of blood sugar levels.

• Maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

• Provide joint support and reduce stiffness and joint pain.

• Support brain and vision health.

• Support reduction of rate of inflammation throughout the body.

• Support healthy mood and lower levels of depression.

• Boost the health of pregnant women.




* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. .

High Quality Ingredients

Our supplements manufactured under the strictest standards producing the highest quality supplements. Each lot of is carefully assayed to be sure they meet our product specifications.


Made in the USA

Our branded supplements are produced and made in the USA. The manufacturing facility is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by NSF and registered with the US Food and Drug Administration as a drug establishment.


Halal Certified

Nutrition Enhancement is committed to produce Halal dietary supplements with no pork products or any other Haram (forbidden) ingredients. Nutrition Enhancements' supplements are Halal certified by Islamic Services of America (ISA).


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