Halal Supplements

It is challenging today for Muslims to find high quality dietary supplements that meet the Halal guideline.

The majority of dietary supplements on the market contain or are derived from sources that are forbidden for Muslims. For instance:

• Most of the commercial gelatin capsules and softgels (such as Omega-3 softgels) are made from pork by-products.

• The majority of multivitamins supplements contain pork-based-gelatin and other non-Halal ingredients

For this reason, many Muslims do not take dietary supplements despite the health benefits. Those that do, are most probably unaware of this. Therefore, there is an urgent need to formulate and develop high quality dietary supplements to meet Muslim customers demands and needs.

Nutrition Enhancement is committed to produce Halal dietary supplements with no pork products or any other Haram (forbidden) ingredients. Nutrition Enhancements' supplements are Halal certified by Islamic Services of America (ISA).

Halal Certificates are available at Products Pages.